Creating new chanel for photo black piezography pro inks epson 9880

I have started using piezography pro ink set and printing on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper on the epson 9880 printer. I have also made a revised profile using the DTP70. It has worked fantastic exceeding my expectations. So I have the mat black ink installed into the printer. I would like to go back and forth with photo black without having to change out the mat black with the photo black. At current there is an extra slot that I have the piezoflush in the LLK slot. I would like to use this for the photo black. What would be the best way to get this accomplished? My ultimate goal is to start printing digital negatives and continue to print mat papers. No desire at this time to use photo paper.

You can’t print glossy or baryta without GCO installed and you have PiezoFlush in the position where GCO is normally installed. Without GCO the shadows and blacks will not come in, and the prints will have a metallic look to them. The only way on an 8 ink channel printer to use both matte and glossy pro printing is with channel switching.

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Hi Jon
thanks for responding so quickly
I don’t wish to print glossy prints. My only goal is printing digital negatives and mat prints. Do I need the GCO to print digital negatives?
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Sorry! We’re just off a weeks vacation and I am slammed. I should have Rachel doing these but she is doing InkjetMall tech.

You do not need GCO and you can put PK in LLK position.

SO! :slight_smile: You can use Piezography Professional Edition to remap the black channel to the unused LLK. There is instructions and a video on the PPETv2 support doc that downloads with it.

You should remap the starting curve before you begin attempting to make a calibrated a new curve for your process.