Creating Blended Curve


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to create some custom blended curves but don’t have really succeed yet.

  • Copy & Paste data of Cool & Warm Curve in the Blender : OK
  • Moving the point of my curve while adjusting the % of Cool : OK
  • Copy & Paste Data of the Blended Curve in a new .txt : OK
  • Renaming the .txt in .quad : OK

I suppose that would be fine but when I open the .quad in CurveView I see absolutely nothing and the ink of each channel is at max 300 (see the screenshot).

I suppose the problem come from the Copy & Paste and some sort of formatting or text encoding.
I’m actually using TextEdit.

Do you have any idea ?

I join you the Quad created.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Frankie (4.16 KB)


I think the problem is that your .quad was saved with TexEdit. That application has turned to utter crap of late.

TextWrangler or Bbedit are the way to go. (or just copy into Google Spreadsheet or a new Excel spreadsheet and save the sheet as a tab delimited text file!)

I copied your data into a properly encoded txt file and save it as a .quad and it worked.[attachment file=27371]



Thanks, that’s perfect !