Creating a brand new curve for a paper not listed

Hi, is there a article or document to describe the process of creating a brand new curve from scratch. As I’d like to create a new curve for a paper that is not listed.


There is a written & video tutorial here:
Linearizing Piezography | Piezography Manual (
It does require the PPE software however:
Piezography® Professional Edition Software Toolset v2 | InkjetMall

Thanks Keith,
Ive been using this method to create a linearised curve for the stated papers.

However, i wanted to know how to create a “starting curve” or is that not possible to do, but to choose a starting curve that best matches the new paper that im trying to profile?


I can’t speak for Walker, but when I was creating curves earlier this year, I was advised to start with a curve from a similar media. An example was for Canson Baryta Matte II, It was suggested that I start with the Cason Rag Photographique as a starting point to linearize the Baryta Matte II.

That’s the approach I take when I need a profile for a paper without one. Find something close in terms of finish (matte, baryta, gloss), OBAs, and material type (cotton, cellulose, bamboo, etc) then go from there.