Correct Color in Purge Image?

The attached image shows the 3rd printing of the purge target after doing an initial fill with the Epson Service software.

Is the color of the Ink 4 Yellow correct? I assume it should be the warm brown color.

The Yellow and Orange carts are the two that were defective and were causing my P9000 to continually pressurize. Does the purge image indicate those two channels did not replace the Epson color inks when I did the initial fill?

Should I run a 2nd initial fill where I select the Yellow and LLK channels or just continue printing purge targets?

Drew Harty

I suggest 2 44x90 inch purge sheets of just the yellow channel printed on a 44" bond paper roll (cheap paper, even 44" butcher paper)

Use the Y purge image in >Piezography>Images>QTR_FLUSH and scale to 44x90 and print in calibration mode at 720dpi BiDirectional.