Converting K7 to K6 P2 for DN on 9880


Wanting to convert my k7 inset to k6 P2 in order to take advantage of UltraHDMK, which requires that going into position 1 and PK moving to the yellow position in order to utilize P2 curves for Piezography printing. However, if I have optimized curves for PT/DN and silver negatives using k7 base, would it be correct to just copy paste the K channel data into the yellow position of that .quad and change all of the K channel to 0’s? That way all of the other channel data would remain as originally optimized? If so, I only need to edit 2 .quads, instead of reconfiguring all of the P2 .quad curves for regular printing. Or will I need to re<b style=“color: #222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif;”>linearize</b> those PDN curves?



Hidden fact. All PiezoDN curves do not use shade 7.


Simply remap your PiezoDN curves (PK to Y) and you will be all set.





THX Walker, that’s what I thought would work.