Converting a 7900 to PiezoDN


Hi all, a friend of mine is offering to buy a 7900 from him. Printer has two non working channels.
I’m interested but afraid of starting up a long and winding road going through assigning channels and such.
How difficult is this to make it work ?
Point is I’d like to make some 24 in wide negs !
Of course I’ll have to get new rechargeable ink carts, more ink and all… Most thing I feel scary about the 7900 is that of assigning channels. I’ve heard this can be done but I never even had the chance to see.
Any tips will be strongly appreciated.
On the other hand I know the machine needs cleaning, maybe a good cleaning with Piezo Flush would help getting all of channels back on. Still my friend is buying a brand new and giving this away. Well, this he’s doing in a trade with some US dollars.
Thank you


If you have PPEv2 it’s this easy:

Or you can do it the free way:



Hola Walker, was expecting you, who else … !
Well, bad news is I have PZK7 SEL inks. No PPEv2 down here.
So… any directions on my ink set or is that only PPEv2 possible ?


oops, sorry. I hadn’t seen the other link before replaying!!!
More thank you


PPEv2 is just software. It works equally well at remapping K6, P2, K7 curve as it does Pro curves (or PiezoDN curves). But yeah, second link is the freebie.