Confused about CURVES/PZDN_to_PiezoDN


So I’ve got my old 3880 system back and running with the SEL (no GO) inkset. I’ve been running some positive prints to sort of get the printer up to speed. I’ve purchased the PiezoDN system and am about to start running some negatives this weekend.

However, I’m a little flummoxed as to how use the the curves since there is no install command.

Can I simply copt them to my Quad3880-PiezoDN folder in the system?

ALSO, trying to use search field here in the forum and whenever I enter a query and click on search, I am taken back to homepage. Is there something I’m missing there?




Answer to last question first: I’m working on fixing the search bug (it’s a devil of a database gremlin).

Answer to first question last:<edit> see me next comment.



Sorry, I finally saw your TITLE on this thread. Yes, simply delete all the curves in 3880-PiezoDN, replace with the desired curve that is built for your inkset from PZDN_to_PiezoDN folder and install.




Thanks !