Cone Editions Production Environment question and suggestion

Walker / Jon /

The question: What version of MacOS are you running in your day to day production environment? I see all the discussion on the Epson large format site about Monterey issues and I’ve see Walker’s occasional answers regarding when to upgrade to PS or LR or… after Adobe releases a major upgrade…

The suggestion: Like many folks on this forum I use Backblaze as my off-site cloud storage back-up solution. Quarterly they publish their drive stats blog post. That lead to a thought that it might be useful, and in the medium / long term reduce or shorten answers to these types of questions, would be for you to publish a list of the software and hardware you use in your day to day production environment. For example Adobe PS, LR, Bridge, etc., MacOS and hardware platforms, monitors used, calibration environment, etc., You get the idea.