Cone 5 PiezoPro curves

I have been making prints with my 3800 on the Epson Hot Press paper with good success and using the various curve combinations have gotten predictable results and beautiful highlight and shadow detail. I purchased some Cone 5 paper and I don’t quite understand what’s going on with the curves. For comparison I printed the 51 step Target on both the Cone and the Epson hot press with just the respective cool curves in the number one slot of the QTR. They look quite similar visually and I will do some measurements tomorrow. I then made a print with the settings for a neutral image as described on page 68 of the manual. I got an exceedingly brown image on the Cone 5 paper. The same settings gave me a very neutral image on the Epson paper.

Can I also assume that the L 50 patch on the test target should look pretty much the same on both papers. Middle gray should look pretty much the same density wise for most of these papers that you’ve made curves for. Correct?

So you printed with JUST the neutral curve for Type 5? This curve is named: 38-Cone-Type5-Neutral.quad

Alternatively, printing with 18% warm and 82% cool will make neutral as well.

You did this and it still prints warm?


Type5 is a very warm paper fyi. (no optical brighteners).