Colour cast - reading patches


Hello all,
I am printing onto Epson Exhibition Fibre using the Pro inks in my 9800. There seems to be a warm cast in the mids and highlights to my eye. So I printed a ‘ink separation’ file and certainly to my in-experienced naked eye their seems to be a warm tone in the ‘5 to 25%’ range of the K channel (which is loaded with PK)
My sense is that somehow there is maybe some kind of ink ‘contamination’ Maybe one of the warm tones is still residual in that line? My question is, how do I determine that that is the case? Is there a way to read the patches with my i1Pro and see if they are ‘neutral’?
I have looked through the forums and havent found the answer so was hoping someone here could help?
Many thanks


I assume you are printing with the Neutral curve? I suggest blending this with the Cool curve. Print 100% cool in the shadows and then neutral in mid and highlights.





I had a similar issue. What I did was print several purge files for the Y, M, LM channels through QTR in calibration mode. I then read the LAB numbers from one side of the print to the opposite side of the print. I did this several times until both sides of the print were relatively close to one another, indicating I purged most of the residual ink.


Thanks tgreen that sounds like a good idea Ill give it a try


Thanks Walker, yes printing with supplied Neutral curve. I am going to try adding cool to balance out the apparent warmth, but I would guess that first prize would be a ‘neutral’ print with the Neutral curve. Would make split-toning easier down the line etc, Thanks