Colorport 2.05 for i1pro

Colorport is not the software I use with my i1pro but until i1pro support is updated I would like to use it. I have 2 questions.

  1. Colorport requires legacy Jave 6 SE on Macs. Oracle states this is dangerous to keep on your HD for security reasons. Does the latest version of Java from Apple negate the need for the legacy java script?

  2. I have loaded Java legacy and do have ColorPort open. Using Import Patches as pictured below I have been unable to upload the i1 129 target found under ColorPort - bot .tiff or .xml. Xrite’s basic user manual was of no help. I am sure I am missing a simple step. Would appreciate process correction. I have added the target under Measure Target but it looks so wrong that I hesitate to use that import to read and process.


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Go to the Measure Target tab, go to the target menu top left, and go to Target Manager. This is where you can import the xml target reference




Thanks. Just wanted to be sure I that the generic look (below) of the imported .xml files are as they should be before starting a test round.

That’s the right one!

calibrate by hitting the little i next to i1Pro and read everything in single patch mode (not strip).




Dear Don. i1Profiler targets and workflows have been updated and tested in the field. They are now validated to work if you want to keep ColorPort off for security reasons.

cheers and best,


Thanks Walker, and posting this on Sunday! Already running a ColorPort calibration for Ammonium Citrate developer (post coming about that). Will download i1Pro updates.

Thanks, again.