ColorMunk Photo and Big Sur (or Catalina)

ColorMunki Photo is discontinued.

I’ve the colormunki as device in use.

Is the software ColorMunki Photo (currently running version 1.2.3 on Sierra) compatible with Big Sur latest version (or Catalina)?



I think it will only work on older version of Catalina (pre .4) you need to freeze and OLD-OS computer for your measurement needs.


New computer with Big Sur (11.4). Software ColorMunki Photo does not run (as expected).

What are the options (apart form keeping an older computer) to still use the ColorMunki? I tried to install the iStudio software and was not able to measure patches and safe te measurements in a .txt-file as I have done with the ColorMunki Photo software.

Any ideas?

An option is purchasing the SpyderPRINT that could be used with Big Sur …

Best, Peter

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