Clogged channel on 9900 - problem with cart?

We’re having a problem with a clogged Y channel on our 9900. When I converted the printer to piezography - the yellow cart never fully clicked into place - like the spring locking mechanism was stuck (the cart just slid in and out without having to push it in to release) Never thought much about it as it was functional - but I wonder if it could be related to the current clog. I followed Dana’s video and cleaned the wiper blade, capping station, and underneath of the head with bounty+piezoflush etc.

This was the nozzle check when it first started - and varied slightly between cleanings. It got worst, then better again but we just can’t clear the channel. I looked at the yellow cart and the slot that the ink plugs into was crusted with the previous yellow ink - and I wonder if there is a problem with ink flow at the cartridge.

Anyway - here are some photos of nozzle checks and channel purges.

Of note - this printer has been running flawlessly for 7-9 years with regular use and is still on original head capping station etc.

It looks like the beginning of a de-lamination. So it’s not going to be cleanable probably . . .

However, the lock tab (silver tongue thing with a lock post sticking up) is too far down. Lift it up a few mm with a flathead screwdriver and it should allow for proper ink flow. But you may need to migrate the Yellow channel to one of the available secondary (alt) channels (Orange/Green).

Well that’s a bummer. We’re also getting intermittent 1A39 fatal error messages. Does that confirm a problem with the head ?

As for the cartridge, can the “inlet” in the back of the printer be replaced ? All the other cartridges are completely clean while the yellow one accumulates a significant amount of ink around the valve - which is why I thought there might be an ink flow problem.

We’re using Pro K5 and would like to keep it that way in the future but for now we could remap the yellow channel… unless we remap to the GO channel since we hardly ever print gloss (we print 99% MK).

This is what it looks like

1A39 fatal error indicates a blown head fuse (different issue honestly).

Time to not send electrical signals through that channel.


Won’t nozzle checks and cleaning cycles send signals to the yellow channel even when it’s remapped ?

How about replacing the head following Eric G’s tutorial on ?