Clarification on PPE "Deluxe" Manual vs. Community Edition Manual



I see that the Community Edition download now has the PiezoPro curves and it is also noted that the Community Edition manual has been updated with instructions for how to use the PRO curves (?). So now I’m confused about which manual/documentation I should be following for the Pro inks and workflow. Do I need to follow and keep up with BOTH downloads and BOTH manuals? I’m especially wondering about this since the two manuals are mostly the same. Seems like it would be simpler and much more clear if all PRO related stuff (curves, docs, tools, etc.) were in ONE package. Much easier to track as you will be constantly updating going forward. Just my two cents. Anyway, happy to see the curves available; now if my ink would get here I’ll be in business!



What the Pro edition of the manual has that the Community edition does not have is documentation on how to linearize Piezography curves (K6,K7,P2, and Pro) along with PiezoDN documentation, extra targets, Error Correction Tool, Tuning Tool, Pro Blender tool, etc. The Community Edition Manual has the section on printing with Pro and I haven’t had the time today to update that article in the Deluxe manual that comes with the PPE edition. That inclusion in the Deluxe manual is coming tomorrow or next day (I travel to Chitown tomorrow so may not have time on the rd.)