CISS 1430 ink banding question


A question regarding a banding problem I sometimes get on negatives printed with the 1430.

I’m currently using the a CISS - and every once in a while I get a band of ink laid down on the negative that has an effect on the opacity (it shows up in the final print). Usually it can end up appearing on both ends of the negative - almost as if its taking the printer a quarter of an inch or so to decide how much ink to lay down (and then sometimes doing the same at the tail end).

Here’s a photo with arrows indicating where the band is:

[attachment file=28137]

(The red in the photo is litho tape I put around the negative for carbon printing).

Is this band the result of me disabling the pin-wheels on the printer?

Or is this a CISS cart issue that will change once I start using the new 1430 cartridges?


On small format printers like the 1430, the first and last inches band.

Because you have no star wheels, you need to set your paper size to custom and set it 2+ inches shorter than the actual paper running through the printer.

Also, keep the actual image 1" below the top of the sheet.