Channel remapping

I have a 9800 with switched Yellow and LLK channels
I am trying the “Channel Remapping” tool in the new PPE Tool (v2.0.9). This looks great, so much easier then previous workflow.
I am wanting to confirm that I am doing the right thing…
I load an supplied starting curve (i.e. x8xx-Epson-ExhFibre-Cool.quad) in Starting Curve
At ‘New Curve Channel Remapping’ tool, under “New Curve” I simply change Y to LLK and LLK to Y?
Go to New Curve sheet, copy data and paste over starting curve and save as ‘remap’ ?!
Very cool. Wow.
And then to get PPE Tool to automatically remap all Starter Curves I just save the PPE Tool as “PPE Tool remap” and done!
This is great. Thank you.

Yep! That’s the way!

Great stuff, thanks
Appreciate all the work that must have gone into this
A further question (!)…it seems that v2.0.9 opens with a default ‘Smoothing Boost’ of 50%?
Is this correct or should i reset to the previously recommended 20% ?
And should I in fact be adding any smoothing at all during ‘channel remap’ stage?

When remapping, the smoothing is not used at all.

But yeah, 70/20 should be the default . . sorry,