Changing from normal blacks to enhanced HD blacks

Hi there,

On my 9900 printer, I have installed conventional Shade 1 Selenium black in the printer right now. When the ink level gets too low, I intend to replenish them with Hight Density Photo Black and Matt inks, that I have in the studio.

My first question is: I assume that when I change inks I will need to relinearize the curves for paper…? But also for digital negatives curves will need to get relinearized? In other words, is the UV density of the two inks (normal and High Density) different too?

My second question is: When the ink level gets low (to where the dotted line in the cart has been drawn) I intend to pour out the remaining ink, and refilling (without cleaning the cart) with the newer, “enhanced” blacker inks, following the suggestions in this forum. What to do then to get the ink to the head? printing some papers until I see the difference in tone? Power cleanings?

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