Change to a R2880 ?


I have an offer to get a R2880. Is there any reason to swap (or not to swap) from a Epson 1430 to a Epson R2880 for PiezoDN printing.

I notice R2880 takes a Shade 7 but seeing PiezoDN only use 6 shades can I put flush in the S7 spot or best to purchase Shade 7 ink?

The other thing I see is the 1430 has a smaller droplet, is this a reason to stay with the 1430?





I actually think the 2880 is a much better printer than the 1430. More nozzles.

If it’s a good condition 2880 I suggest it.




Thanks Walker,

It seems it is. Only lightly used, it did sit for a few months unused but all the nozzles except the LtCyan nozzle have cleared following a clean. Just waiting on some OME ink to finalised the issue.