CGATS.out file produced by QTR-Linearize-Quad

Is there any practical use for this file? Or the one produced by QTR-Create-ICC?

It can sometimes provide a clue when the process fails to produce the linearized quad, usually in the form of a message at the end of the file. Not sure about ICCs, since I don’t use them, but I would suspect it’s similar. Otherwise not that I know of. Maybe Walker can confirm or deny.

The two different -out files are the same from both droplets essentially.

Yes, it’s simply a diagnostic file. It will show you the reason for any errors at the bottom too.




I think it is more useful than that! Please tell me if I’m wrong.

The CGATS.out we get from QTR-Linearize-quad tells us, at least theoretically, how good a job our curve has done linearizing our process. Copy the Lab* columns from the CGATS.out file and drop them into smoother. You get a curve that shows you how close to linear you’ve gotten. Instant feedback! In the Manual’s procedure, you don’t find out how good a job QTR-Linearize-quad has done until you print a new target and measure it with a spectro. See the attachment for an example.

When I started with PiezoDN, I made several attempts at linearization that failed (due, among other things, to a badly chosen starting curve). Instead of converging on linear, successive iterations were actually diverging. Had I known about CGATS.out I would have saved a lot of time.