Cartridges not recognized on new P800

I have a 2019 P800 which I tested with OEM inks and worked well.

I have replaced these inks with new filled Piezo cartridges, and installed the decoder board for the P800.

I followed the written instructions and also the video to the letter, and double checked all positions, rebooted the machine etc.

I receive an error message on the printer that ALL of the cartridges are not installed correctly.

It could be the decoder board, but I installed it exactly as the instructions.
I have not done a reset on the decoder board - the instructions say that the printer should recognize the inks as 100% full on the first install.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried resetting the decoder board? I sometimes have to reset mine for no apparent reason as my cartridges are no longer recognized. Kind of agonizing but it seems to work.