Carbon Printing - Master.quad and limiting it

In the Piezography Manual, the instruction for limiting a master.quad indicate that I should drag the limiter target file into Print-Tool. However, I’m looking to limit a master.quad for carbon printing - and with carbon printing, I have to create a small .25 inch black border all around the file so in order to prevent the image from being pulled from the final support. This mean that I have to take the limiter target file into Photoshop t0 create the border.

My question is, when I open up the target file in PS, do I 1) Leave as is (don’t color manage) or 2) Assign working gray: Gray Gamma 2.2?

If I’m just pulling the Limiter file directing into Print-Tool, I’m assuming that I’m not color managing at all. But because I have to create the black border for carbon images in Photoshop, should I assume that I also don’t color manage this step?

Or since any actual image I print from PS would have an Assigned Working Gray: Gray Gamma 2.2, would I do the same for the limiter file?

I also have the same question when it comes to printing the 129 Step Linearizer Target.

Thanks very much.

Leave as is, and don’t color manage.