Can't get new Quad File to show in QTR Curves in Print Tool

I’ve created a new Quad file based on a 129 step target using Pt/Pd. This was created in the QTR Linerize Quad droplet. So far, so good. When I copy this into the folder in Piezography/Curves/P400-PiezoDN folder, then use the ‘install’ command, it doesn’t add the file into the ‘choices’ in Print Tool for this printer under ‘QuadToneRIP’, ‘Curves’. Ive tried deleting the printer in Mac Preferences, then reinstalling the printer in Piezography etc. No idea why this isn’t working, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. John

Get-info on the curve and make sure it’s set to read-write for everyone. Also re-install QTR and then run the command again.

tldr: it’s a permissions issue.