Canson Prestige VS Canson Baryta


Last night I made two 8 1/2x11’s to compare these two Baryta papers. I utilized the Baryta set of curves for both prints, lacking a set for the brand newly released Prestige.

The differences between these two papers is that the Baryta has no optical brightners, and the Prestige has trace amounts. It seems the look is very similar to Canson Platine Fibre Rag, but perhaps a tad brighter. Also the surface of the Prestige is a bit more textured and the manner of texture is still smooth and resemble fine Italian soft goat leather, so the Baryta is a bit smoother.


In printing using the same curves and settings the prints look very similar and side by side any differences are minor/slight, so the canned curves for Canson Baryta serve the Prestige well. These prints were compared under both incandescent and D5000 light. Anyways no clear favorite, and both papers (cellulose) have that silver wet print look kinda nailed.

Both papers offer a very bright white.

A question is that in another thread Walter mentioned that encapsulation of OBA’s kinda negates their detrimental effect to archival permanence and longevity. If this could be further explain it would be helpful information and lead to growth. As it stands I tend to avoid OBA’s and only got the Canson Prestige as a gift from a friend at PhotoPlusExpo, otherwise I would of never engaged with trying it.

I ask this because I like Epson Exhibition Fiber, but it has trace amounts of OBA’s…



I think the Prestige is incredible but I’m also biased because I worked with Canson on the paper a bit so to a certain extent it is built to my specs (or rather my complaints about both platine and baryta photographique).

Mostly paper coating issues appear with matte papers however so I wouldn’t worry as much about OBAs in glossed papers.







You have good taste. LOL. I too am biased towards Canson.


It seems I like thirsty papers that like lots of ink for depth. BTW Jon Cone Type 5 takes lots of ink.




Calvin thanks for this info. This is a comparison I plan to make as soon as I can locate a box of Baryta Prestige.

Quick question regarding the Canson Baryta you refer to with no OBA, which specifically is it?

It’s my understanding that Canson Baryta Photographique has “Very low” OBA content. This is the same descriptor on their website as the Canson Baryta Prestige. Are referring to the Platine Fibre Rag? It is listed as no OBA content.



I got my information from my friend Robert Rodriguez who is the Artist-in-Residence at the Canson booth at PhotoPlusExpo.

Robert gave me a sample pack, and also my friend Joe another sample pack, but know that somehow I ended up with both.

So I asked Robert about the OBA content in the Prestige and he mentioned only trace amounts. I am kinda specific so I do kinda remember asking Robert about the differences between the papers and it was he who mention that primarily it was the trace amounts of OBA’s. Any yes I am speaking of Canson Baryta Photographique.

Further at another PhotoPlusExpo I had inquired about the differences and benefits between the Platine Fibre Rag and the Baryta Photographique because I loved both. Basically if a print was to be handled Robert recommended the Platine Fibre Rag for the tacktile feel that would sell a print, but for framed prints Robert’s preference was for the Baryta Photographic.

At this point I had always thought that the Baryta Photographic was OBA free. Could I be mistaken?

Also if there is a difficulty in securing some Prestige, might I offer you Joe’s unopened sample pack? It cost me nothing, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind PayPaling me any postage. In life often I see I get more than I give, and I know I’m a lucky guy. Let me know if you have problems securing Prestige.



Cal, I got my information from the Canson website. It wouldn’t surprise me if these marketing documents are not 100% accurate.
Canson Platine
Canson Baryta Photographique
Canson Baryta Prestige

It would be great if we could follow up with a technical resource there to get the straight info. Walker, could you put us in touch with someone at Canson?

Cal, I will definitely take you up on offer for the Prestige sample pack. All my usual sources list it as “pre-order”. I’ll PM you to coordinate.

Finally, it’s great to see another shooting the Leica Monochrom. I really enjoy printing the images from my v1; seem like a perfect match for Piezography and PiezoDN!




I will mail you Joe’s unopened sample pack. I got it for free, and now I have the opportunity to be generous.

Kinda funny how I cornered the market. LOL.

I’ll be snail-mailing it via USPS. I’ll pack our treasure with mucho cardboard.

Post your results.




I checked your Canson links and they say low OBA for both papers. The papers are surely bright. I think the real difference here that I read is one (Baryta Photographique) is 100% cellulose and Prestige is a blend of cellulose and Cotton. Besides the difference in paper weight in printing they both seem to like the same curves, and both look great with only a slight difference in the actual print. The Baryta Photographic is slightly smoother.







The USPS Flat-Rate envelope should be delivered Monday.

Tracking Number: 9505 5161 8823 7006 0438 54



Cal, the paper arrived today. I’ll profile it tonight, make a print and report back ASAP. Thanks!


A quick report comparing Canson Baryta Photographique and Canson Baryta Prestige.

Here’s what we know about the Baryta Photographique from the Canson website; “very low” OBA, alpha cellulose, 310 gsm.

And the Baryta Prestige from the Canson website; “very low" OBA, alpha cellulose and cotton, 340gsm.

Both papers were re-linearized on my 3880 starting with the Baryta Photographique curve and a 129-step target with an i1 Pro and Colorport.

The following measurements were made with the i1 Pro and QuickRead.

Baryta Photographique
DMax - 2.38
DMin - V.04, C.04, M.05, Y.05

Baryta Prestige
DMax - 2.47
DMin - V.04, C.04, M.04, Y.05

Now for the subject stuff. To my eye, both papers are very very similar. The two main apparent differences are the paper white and surface texture. For me the Baryta Photographique feels a bit more textured than the Baryta Prestige. I realize this is the opposite of what Cal experienced but this is probably just our subjective perceptions. Neither is heavy textured. The Prestige just looks a bit smoother.

The Baryta Photographique also feels a tiny bit warmer in the paper white. I think the measurements confirm this with the DMin numbers. Visually, I don’t notice the difference in DMax when looking at the same image printed on both papers. When I place the two calibration targets side by side, I notice the difference. Regardless, 2.38 is amazing and with that level of black I would not let DMax be a deciding factor when trying to decide between which to use for a print.

Finally, a third difference I noticed by feel. The alpha cellulose and cotton mix of Baryta Prestige is a bit stiffer in the hand and also feels different on the back of the print. I’m a paper-nut and I notice this stuff when handling fine prints. I’m not sure which I like better at the moment; just noticed the difference.

That’s it for this report. Cal, thanks again for sharing you sample stock!



Thanks for your detailed review.

I held off until you posted, but to my eye the Prestige seemed to have a brighter white, but that might have been my eye fooled by the darker black you measured.


Glad I sent you the sample pack because I don’t have your capabilities of quantifying.


Anyways I like both papers too.






Is it possible to create a link to share the “NWGCO” curve you mentioned in another thread for Canson Baryta Photographique?

Anyways I thought this would be a good place to share the information rather than start another thread.


Thanks in advance.




In fact, it’s already there. Look in your curve folder. You’ll see a sub-folder called NWGCO.