Canson infinity baryta photographique ii matte - Profile

I recently received canson infinity baryta photographique ii matte paper. I tried to print out a target in calibration mode of QTR but ran into issues. The ink was puddling all over the paper. I tried it again and got the same issue, so I stopped. I than switched back to print mode. I used a print I had printed an hour earlier with the Pro Ink set curves for the Epson HPBW and it printed fine. It came out close to the print I made an hour earlier. There was no pudding of the dark black inks as the picture had plenty of L14-20. I have used the same Target in the past for 3 other matte papers without issue. What Am I doing wrong to print a target so I can profile the paper.


It has been a long day, I should had printed with a curve not not calibration mode.


Hi John,

For measuring a target and create your own .quad you need to print with a curve in “no color management” mode yes, not the “calibration mode”.