Canson Baryta Photographique II Matt

Got an A4 pack of Canson Baryta Photographique II Matt to test and would like to create custom curves using Piezo Pro inks.

What curves do you suggest for printing the iSis measurement charts for creating the new custom curves? I’m thinking ARCHES BFK Rives White 310 gsm??

Canson say to print using matt setting even though it is a baryta photo paper.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hmm. you may need to merge the uncoated curve with the Hanhemuhle photo rag curve at 50% and 50% for this paper. I believe this is resurrected Harman Matte FB baryta paper. It took little amounts of ink.


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Haven’t merged curves yet, can you point me in the direction on how to do that please Walker?

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. In PPEv2 remove measurements.

  2. Copy 1 curve into the starting curve sheet. Copy the other into the blending curve sheet.

  3. Set blending amounts to 50% for all points.

  4. Copy/paste from the “new curve”


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Thanks Walker, will give that a go over the weekend.

What happened to the Harman Matte FB baryta paper?

Harman went under, Hahnemuhle bought the mill, ditched the matte line.


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Interesting. Now Canson have released one and it looks lovely.