Cannot save or install a .quad file


I cannot, after many attempts, create a new .quad file that will install in QTR. I’m running OS 10.13.6, using an i1Pro spectro and ColorPort, have installed the latest versions of QTR, PrintTool, Sublime Text, the Piezography/PiezoDN packages, and am using latest version of Excel.

In going over the process in the manual, and reviewing Walker’s video, the only “discrepancy” I can find is this: when I click on the New Curve tab in Excel the default setup is Column E whereas in the video the default column is C (the info in the Excel toolbar is also different).

I’m baffled and, if there is anyone who has seen this problem or has a suggestion, I’d appreciate any and all advice. I’m stuck until I figure this out.

I’m PM’d you on FB about this. Please reply there if you can w/ requested tool (or PM me on this forum) so I can debug for you.