Canned curve from you

Hi all of you,

I’m impressed. Today I tested my new inks, since I moved from K6 to PDN.

Your x800-x880-PiezoDN-Pd-Ox-IJM.quad was used as starting curve in my R3000 printer loaded with Ultra Pictorico film.

Now the differences I did in the process:

My own made Ferric Oxalate and own mixture of Pd from PdCl2. Not any fancy development, just as standrad published recipies. An Arches Platine was coated at 19C 35% RH 1:1. To be precise my coating could have been a bit smoother. Finally it was developed in potassium oxalate for 2 minutes and cleared.

I follow your calibration instructions and measured my print in i1Profiler with a i1PRO2 and copy the result in your supplied Excel files with secret macros.

The result? It was very close and I’m impressed of the stability. I’d deviated from the prescribed recommendations in the ReadMe.pdf file. Anyway the result was almost perfect :slight_smile:

Thank you (the whole team) for a nice work in the background.

Happy new year!



Looks good!