can not install a curve

Please help me!

I install a curve and I get a warning like the one below

80-PiezoDN-P2/Install4880-PiezoDNp2.command ; exit;


Installing QuadToneRIP Curves Printer Quad4880-PiezoDNp2

Curve P2-PiezoDN-15pd3pt_240_OX_platine-LLK_0

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-15pd3pt_330_platine_LLK_0

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-albyumen-2_LLK_0

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Cyano_LLK_0-9_15_8

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Cyano_LLK_0-9_19_platine-lin

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Cyano_LLK_0-9_19_platine

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Cyano_LLK_0_platine

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Master-Y_IZU-ajust-2_LLK_0

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Master-Y_IZU-ajust-3_LLK_0

Curve x8-P2-PiezoDN-Master_LLK_0

can not open lpadmin: PPD“/tmp/quad.ppd”: Option keyword character string is invalid Line 253.

Finished Installing Curves for Quad4880-PiezoDNp2


Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Until then it did not matter at all.

Then open PRINT TOOL,QTR item does not come out.

Deleting all newly installed curves will work without problems. However, the same symptoms will occur even if you put the curve that was attached first. In other words, it is impossible to put a curve at all.

[attachment file=28429]

There is a 32char limit. Some of your curves have too many letters in their file names.

This is how to fully delete the curves. After, change their names, and reinstall.



Thanks! I will try.

The problem was solved. Thank you!!!