Calibration targets - best practice!

I recently profiles two papers that don’t have existing curves, i used the 700 step target as this was recommend for new paper.

“700 step targets are great for the FIRST calibration of a new ink on paper”

The prints from the new curves are nice and i am happy with them.

Doing this got me thinking, what is the best practice for using calibration targets?

For and existing paper I imagine that a 256 step is best place to start, but what if i am profiling a new paper and start with 700 step?

After the initial print and scan and new curve creation, do I print again on the 700 step to check new curve or should I use the 256 step?


If you have the device to measure the 700step, use the 700step always.


Great thanks, all clear and straight forward now, have dtp70 so can 700 steps no problem.

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