Calibrating Eizo for Piezo Pro on 9900

Good morning all

Please can you point me in the right direction for creating icc profiles and calibrating my eizo for use in a piezo pro calibrated system?

Thank you in advance.

Eizo calibration should be:

100 luminance
1:200 contrast ration

ICC profiling of Piezo is another ball-game. If you have a well linearized system ( you do with pro) you can simply output with the Piezography Matte Print or Piezography Gloss Print ICCs for a good screen-to-print match without having to soft-proof in photoshop.

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Thanks Walker

Again, will try it out today and revert back if there are more queries.

Have set to 6000K, 100 luminance, however, no option to set to 1:200 contrast ratio.

The Gamma is set to 2.2 and increasing it gives me more contrast, and the opposite for reducing it. Any recommendation on that?


set you black point up a bit and calibrate. it will give you your contrast ratio post calibration. Then do it again with a different BP if it’s not 1:200

Keep 2.2. It’s not a factor in contrast exactly . . .


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As I recall the color temp and luminance values were lower for NEC Spectraview monitors. I also recall an article by Jon talking about this but I don’t recall the details (if my memory is correct do you have a link to the article? It might have been in a newsletter.) Is this the new calibration recommendation for NEC as well?

Thank you.

This is rec for LED monitors at large.