Bronzing and Linearization with and without GCO


In both defining a curve and linearizing a curve for prints with PK HD, I have been setting all LLK channel values to “0” mainly to conserve GCO and paper. Without GCO, I observe on Epson Legacy Platine a definite bronzing in columns A-D of the 51-Step Target.

Q1: Will bronzing effect the i1Pro2 reading of the target values?

Q2: If I create or linearize a .quad curve without GCO, other than hopefully balancing gloss and eliminating bronzing, how will the addition of GCO back into the curve effect the readings of the target values or the appearance of the print?


Q1. No it won’t effect the readings.

Q2. GCO addition will not effect the luminance at all. It can be added after Lin.