Blending Curve worksheet in v2.2.2

Is the Blending Curve worksheet hidden in V2.2.2?

whoops, bug, I will fix and release 2.2.3


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Thank you, Walker!


Hi Walker! When do release 2.2.3 will be ready? I need to blend some curves… How can I do that now?

@ddangelo When blending, I’ve been using 2.2.1.

Hahah!!! You are absolutely right!! Too easy to think about it for me! Thank a lot!!

Walker, any updates on getting the Blending Curve back into a current rev of PPE?

Hey Walker, I’d like to use the Blending Curve tool as well. I tried opening the v1 Tools Pro_Blender spreadsheet, but it’s password protected. What’s current solution?

@mscarbrough When blending, I’ve been using 2.2.1.

Hey Scott, thanks for the reply. I noted this in your earlier posts on this topic, but unfortunately, v. 2.2.1 only exists in the Windows format on the downloads page. I can’t find another way to get an earlier version, as v.1 is also blocked to me for access, only v.2.2.2 for Mac is available to me which I am using.

The other option I have found is the PIEZOGRAPHY_PRO_BLENDER.xlsb file found in the v1-tools folder for my PPE install, but it is password protected and my v.2.2.2 password won’t open it, nor any other password connected to my account.

Currently, I’m stuck until Walker responds with a solution… I don’t find the blending sliders in the QTR driver to offer the level of refinement I need for my printing, and would be great to use the softproof ICC file generator built in to trial blend combinations without wasting paper/ink.


@walkerblackwell, is there a place to download previous version of PPE?

Hi Michael,

If I’m reading this thread correctly, all you need is version 2.2.1 of the PPE spreadsheet. If that is the case, I’m happy to send it to you directly. I’m not sure why I can’t post attach a zip version here, but I get a message saying its over the 100mb limit even though it is only 1.6mb.


Thanks @jkschreiber; we have @mscarbrough squared away.

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Thanks Keith! Just saw your post… really great to have you and Scott as part of the support community!

Hi Walker

Any idea when PPE v2.2.3 with this fix will come into play?

Thanks, Denise :slight_smile:

Is the curve blending tab in v2.2.1? If so where can I find a download of it?

I am on 2.2.2 and so I don’t think I’d miss much by downgrading to 2.2.1, but would gain a lot if it meant I can do curve blending.

EDIT: are there any helpful people out there who could possibly send me 2.2.1 so that I can get cracking with curve blending? I’m on OS X btw. Cheers!

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The blending tool is active is PPE 2.2.1.

Check your PMs.

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working on it, ugh “Walter” is so delayed.


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