Blender Tool vs Print-Tool blends



I’m trying out Blender Tool and have a question about the relationship of the curves in Print-tools to Blender Tool. Is this about equal to each other?

[attachment file=27785]
[attachment file=27786]



No. To do what I think you want to do, you need to use the blender tool.


Cool and Warm are not neutral at 50:50 (they are neutral at roughly 19c:81w).


The Blender tool “neutralizes” the curves first and then lets you split like you are doing.





Hi Walker,

Could you give me the Blender Tools equivalent to Print-Tools:

H: 100% Cool

M: 50% Cool + 50% Warm

S: 100% Warm

What would the number be in Blender Tool to get the same results of the above blend?

I think this will help me understand the relationship between the two blenders.




Blender tool acts very differently so it’s a bit hard to describe. Basically, if you set the “neutral warm percent” to 50% in the blender tool, than the blender tool will act like the sliders in QTR.

This is described in the deluxe manual under Piezography Professional Edition Tools.