Black not black


Any idea what might cause this? First time making a neg with a black masking edge, but the edge didn’t print black! As you can see the black part of the 21-step below it printed fine so I can’t blame the printer. I have 3 layers in PrintTool: the image, the 21-step, and a text layer at the top with file and profile names. The 1/2 inch wide white border in the positive is pure white which should print as pure black in the neg. This is on the 1430 though I don’t think that matters. It look like there is no black (shade 1) printing in the image area.

[attachment file=25971]


This is probably a saved Alpha channel in your file. Print-Tool doesn’t like these.





Ok - false alarm - I vaguely remembered something like this happening once before. The solution was to restart the computer. Possibly just restarting PrintTool might have worked too. A ghost in the machine, you might say.


Always works…