Best read for ICC


Setting aside linear v icc below are 4 iterations of PiezoDN 129 step calibrations. 3rd iteration seems amazingly linear for a darkroom print which makes me think that my best combination would be to use 2nd iteration resulting .quad for linear negs and 3rd iteration for ICC creation. 4th iteration seems to go a step beyond improvement. All captures are from the Smoother graph.

Master-129-read.tiff (51.1 KB)

2nd-iteration-129-read.tiff (50.4 KB)

3rd-iteration-129-read.tiff (49.9 KB)

4th-iteration-129-read.tiff (49.4 KB)


Yep all looks good.

Note: For ICCs built with you will always choose Relative Colorimetric w/ BPC as your rendering intent. (If building with the QTR-Create-ICC droplet, you choose Perceptual as your rendering intent).

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