best curve

Hello Walker,

Thanks for all the help mastering linearization!

i have a serie of portraits with lots of blacks in them, background,clothes etc…See pictures.

what would be a good curve to linearize? I already made a 51 step linearization of a few:

K7-type5, K7-Sel-PK-master, x800-x880-gloss master and K7-WN-Sel-NU-type5

what curve will suit best my prints?

Printing on epson 9880 , Jon Cone type 5 paper, Selenium K7 ink


KR, Luc

So you have the older “WN1” Photo Black ink or the new “HD-PK” ink?




i have the older version, not the HD…

I suggest K7-SEL-Type5.quad




i don’t see this .quad file in the 9880 folder. Can i use the one from the 3800 folder?

Yes, you can use the one from the 3800-3880 folder.