Banding with QTR


I’m testing my new Epson P800 prior installing the Piezo Inks for Dig Neg, and I’m noticing that using QTR I’m having severe vertical banding and using Photoshop for printing the print is smooth, the banding its not always in the same portion of the print, if I print the same image many times the banding is always in a different place, I have run Nozzle check and everything seems fine.

I’m printing with this settings
16 Bits
Uni directional
Photo Ink

Any ideas of what is going on? is anything I’m missing here?

I’m uploading some images of the prints

Thank you so much for your help.

I hope someone can help you! I’m particularly interested in your experience with because I may be converting a P800 to make digital negs from the PiezoDN system, myself. (I currently use a dying Epson 3800.)

One word of advice—keep testing the p800 as long as you can with Epson inks. My original one developed a vertical “scratch” line about 1-3/4 in from the right and Epson decided I needed a new unit. I’m still testing that second unit.

while most P800s seem to be pretty stable, some are having head offset issues or other banding/alignment issues. I think the final head placement assembly in the P800 factory is a bit off but in general the ones we have at CEP studio have been 100% rock solid,


Any way to reliably check before I switch out Epson inks?
I saw a forum post yesterday about someone getting weird banding when using the quad RIP, though he did not get it when using Photoshop. Is this what you are talking about,Or is that a different issue?


I’m about ready to install my decoder board and gear my p800 up for digital negs. Any way to check on the head offset issues or other banding/alignment issues before I do so? Thanks!

Print this in calibration mode. They should line up: (5.2 KB)

I will buy a new P-800 it is better to load the OEM inks and then change for the piezo inks? And don’t have the flush carts.
Thank you

Should I print this using the OEM inks or should I install directly the Piezo inks?
Thank you

For me, I decided to print as much as I could with the Epson supplied inks to make sure the printer had no problems. Mine actually did, a hardware problem, and I had to send it back.

The problem is that Epson said that the printer works fine with the Epson driver and the problem is with QTR driver

All the horizontal and vertical bars line up as seen under a loupe. I also enlarged the file in PS and reprinted (still through QTR). Certainly no gross problems. So, so far so good. Thanks.

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