Banding in gradients

Hi Walker
I have posted previously on a slight variation of this issue.
I am linearising the supplied curve for Hahn PhotoRag Baryta using 256step target, Colorport, i1pro2 and PPEv2
The new Warm and Cool curves that I have created print a good test image
But when I blend the new Warm and Cool curves using the Curve Blending Tool (at 18% warm/82% cool) the resultant new ‘Neutral’ curve shows banding in the gradients of test prints.
I have taken the new Neutral curve and put it through the Channel Smoothing Tool at 100% and that worked. It now prints with smooth gradiants. But my question is any idea why? Why would a smooth warm and a smooth cool produce a jagged neutral when blended? Is there something obvious I am doing wrong?

Please show a screenshot your tool with the blending setup if you would.


this is with Cool curve into ‘Starting’ and warm curve into ‘Blending’

There is nothing in there that should create an issue.

Can you upload all three curves so I can test them here? Sorry for the trouble,


9800-Hah-PRagBaryta-C-rmp-051218.quad (7.4 KB)
9800-Hah-PRagBaryta-N-rmp-051218.quad (8.6 KB)
9800-Hah-PRagBaryta-W-rmp-051218.quad (7.4 KB)

9800-Hah-PRagBaryta-N18smth-rmp-051218.quad (8.6 KB)

here is the neutral that has been through the Channel Smoothing Tool

I did an 18% blend of C and W (from your upload) and I get something different.

9800-Hah-PRagBaryta-N-rmp-Walker.quad (8.6 KB)


Thanks Walker
That would seem to indicate operator error on my part. That was certainly my assumption to start with. So before posting I carefully did it again (the blending) and still got the same issue. I also got the same issue when blending the same cures in QTR. But I will go back and look at it again, I will try your version and see, thanks again for your time

Make sure to run the install command each time. I also suggest to make a new curve name for each try. This way you know 100% for sure that you are using the new curve.