Banding at the end of a print job

I am getting noticeable to very subtle wide-ish banding in the direction of the paper feed but only towards the end of a 20x 26 inch images area (on a 9900). The print looks fine to start but 2/3 the way through it starts to band. Rotating the image produces banding on the other end of the image, so its not the image file. Also, switching to a brighter, smoother, thinner paper eliminates the problem.

Also, the machine did just make an ‘automatic motor adjustent’ (first for me) between some prints.

Is it my cr motor getting tired ? Or could it be the data spool being affected (I noticed the computer’s power saving mode would kick in mid print - settings now changed but I haven’t made a print yet) ?

Nozzle checks are perfect and settings all as indicated in the manual.

Thanks for your help

Do a manual uni-D head alignment from the control panel. It’s time.


Cheers Walker, I am amping up the humidity as well, it dropped to 28%

Is it typical to get variation in the best aligned target across the paper? Say 3s on the left side and 4s on the right side for a given color ? Or alternating 3s and 4s ?