Awagami papers and Piezo pro inks

Dear all,
First I hope you are well during this strange time we are all miving globably !

I have some troubles with awagami papers :
with both kozo and inbe, I have big defaults ONLY in the mid tones. I have some “white” little “pixels”, just like if the fiber of the paper is “tired off” while printing, or if the were dust, or just like if there is some default on the file itself (some pixels “missing”…

  1. I don’t have this king of troubles with colored pigment inks
  2. It is only happening with a very specific level of gray (only mid tones)
  3. I tested different curves, it is same problem (jone cones and my owns)
  4. The problem is less important with 2880 and UNI-directionnal than 2880 with BI-directionnal but still present
  5. prints heads high does not solve the problem
  6. Cleaning the printer the best I could does not solve the problem

Any idea ?
Thank you for help

You have pro ink? Did you try these curves I made specific for the papers?

These papers require way less total ink.


Hi Walker
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, this is for PRO inks.
I did not tried to creat specific curves for now.
Did you also have this curves for an SP9900 ?

But generaly, do you have trouble with “dust” or fibers of Awagami papers ?

I pulled out a sheet of Agawami Kozo Select and made a print of an image I was working on just using the Photo Rag curve and it printed just fine no issues with the mids at all. Have you done a nozzle check?

I’m using a 7890.

Best of luck!


Hi guy,
Thanks for you answer
But as explained, cleaning of nozzles and also using vacumm to clean dust and everything was not enaough
In fact, I used Photo RAG curves for now and I still have those defaults…
This is white I don"t understand what is happening…

Here’s the x900 uncoated and awagami master curves, (17.8 KB)


Slightly On and Off topic here, but wonder if anyone has used Awagami Kitakata SH-16 Uncoated Art paper for Platinum Palladium (Malde or non-Malde)?

Thank you for help Walker.
I will test it tomorrow and let you know how it goes

Hi Walker,
I have question : do I have to install this curves in “Curves” HD or “Cureves” folder ?
Because I made e test in “curves” folder and the rendering is really very Dark
I triple checked that my pictures are “Adobe RGB”, and all settings in QTR Print Tool but stil have this problem

“Get Info” on all the curves and set their permissions to read-write for all. Then install them from either Curves or Curves-HD folder.

It’s a permissions issue if it’s printing black like that.

You may want to also re-install quadtoneRIP to fix internal permissions in the system.

Hi Walker
That was it !
And it also solved my “dust” problems on Inbe
thanks a lot for help !

Hi again Walker,
just one more question : the 2 rendering of “AIJP” and “Uncoated” seams very close
(more warm than a photo RAG curve also)
Can you tell me how you created it (which paper and if you used special settings in first place) ?
With your experience, is it better to print with AIJP or Uncoated on Inbe ?