Awagami Cool Curve


Last week you sent me a link for x8xx Pro ink printers for uncoated Awagami and coated Awagami.
I used the coated Awagam as a starting point for Kozo 110 and re-linearized the warm, neutral and cool curves. I printed the 256 target for all three curves, the warm looks warm, the neural looks neutral, but the cool target looks neutral. I haven’t looked a the numbers yet but visually they look the same.

I’ve tried printing with the new linearized warm and neutral curves and they look great! But the cool curve prints look neutral.

Is this normalfor this paper?


yeah, uncoated papers use so little ink (and the cool ink is really a netural-cool) so it’s particularly hard to get a full cool on uncoated.



That makes sense, is Kozo 110 white considered a coated paper or uncoated? I received a sample pack from Awagami of their inkjet papers, I was under the impression all the inkjet papers in the pack are coated.

The papers I’m interested in are:
Kozo 110
Bizan 200, 300gm



The Kozo is coated, bizan is not, however the bizan can take a decent amount of ink (same amount as coated) so you can use the coated curve for bizan


OK, thanks.
Have a great Thanksgiving!