Are Canson matte papers more scuff resistant than Hahnemuhle papers?


I’m looking for a matte paper that’s more durable (for shipping and client handling) than Photo Rag 308 or William Turner. Can anyone comment on if Canson Edition Etching or Rag Photographique papers are less prone to scuffing or flaking when handled? We had a client claim Canson papers don’t flake or scuff as easily as Hahnemuhle, but they don’t print themselves so I’d like to do some research on other printmaker’s experiences.

We are very meticulous about handling the roll paper before printing (to ensure there isn’t dust on the paper interfering with the ink adhesion) and packing them well for transport, but are looking for something that’s more robust on the other end (i.e. unpacking, mounting, and framing). We also let customers know to handle them with care (ideally, have the framer unwrap the prints to minimize handling) and that Turner is a particularly sensitive paper due to it’s toothy texture. Thanks!


Both the Canson papers are better IMO. I attribute this somewhat to the titanium pigmentation in the surface. Edition Etching will be more durable than the Rag Photo.



Thanks Walker! I’ll try those papers out.