aout Ultra HD PhotoBlack

I am using the Selenium Piezography ink set only to make digital negative with Epson 4880. Is there a merit to change Phot Black Shae 1 to Ultra HD PhotoBlack?


The HD Photo Black that we sell is a new carbon that settles much less so I actually do recommend it for dig negs at this point. We have changed over our dig-neg sets for this ink I believe (at

A side note: the only “ultra” one we sell is the UltraHD-MK ink. The PK (photo black) is just HD as it matches existing Ultrachrome HD PK while our UltraHD-MK vastly exceeds the dMax of Ultrachrome HD MK.




Does your meaning say that PK is the same as HD - PK?

Or is it better to change Phot Black Shae 1 of Selenium Piezography ink set to Ultra HD PhotoBlack?

I’m sorry.I’m not good at English.

Thanks walker

All of our photo blacks are migrating to one photo black called HD-PK (HD Photo black). A search on our website will bring it up and I recommend it.





Thanks Walker,

I will be buy HD-PK and test it!!