Anyone use Imagnest with Piezography?

I’m curious if anyone’s used Imagenest as a layout program with Piezography? I think at one point Inkjetmall was a reseller of it.

I’m trying out a demo to layout images and output to a TIFF for printing via Print-Tool. Imagenest seems promising but it’s not running very fast on our printing server.

Yeah, Imagenest is ooold.

Alternative layout:

Lightroom works if you are printing with an ICC. If you are wanting to print linear print with the AdobeRGB profile set as your output. This is a fast way to built tile templates for ripping tons of proofs. You don’t need to export from LR, just print. It does not soft-proof for linear environment though (if you are printing linear) so you would have to pre-visualize your images in PS still.

I do this workflow if I have to push out 50 or 60 small proofs on a roll quick.


Thanks Walker! I’ve used Lightroom in the past, but was hoping for something that would add borders, crop marks and file names to the layout so my PA can check them off against a packing list. I think Lightroom does some of these things but not all of them.

We’re usually printing on rolls of paper, so an app that adds borders, crop marks and file names (along with nesting) would be a big help.