Anyone making negatives for albumen prints?


I’m just starting out with PiezoDN. I am making negatives for albumen prints, but I’m not sure which .quad to start with to print the linearization target. I am coating and sensitizing my own paper (Strathmore 500 1-ply plate), using pictorico ultrapremium for the negatives, and printing with an Epson 1430. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well you only have the pd-ox-ijm or the master Quad, just use the pd-ox-ijm one & no select “no colour management” in Print Tools and then use your scanner to adjust the resulting print from there if you don’t have a spectrometer.


You can even use the Piezography Curve Adjustment tool to visually do it by eyeballs.







Thanks, Shane and Walker.


With the long exposure scale of albumen, you will probably want to start with the Limiter target and get that set for your process first. That will then become your personal Master.quad from which to do your linearization. At least that is how I would approach it.