Any .quad files for Pro inks yet for the Epson 9900?

Any .quad files for Pro inks yet for the Epson 9900? I do not see anything in latest version of community download for the 9900, see ones for other printers although. I need to do a re-map of one channel and want to edit the .quad files accordingly.

Replied to private email already but will put it here as well.

Pro curves will be coming in version 1.2 of Piezography Community Edition, before the inks arrive.

There will also be more extended documentation on editing and re-mapping curves (and eventually a tool for this) that will come with Piezography Professional Edition.


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Getting any closer to the pro inks curves? I know the inks seem to be delayed.

100 target sheets printed in the last 48 hrs.

150 or so to go.

Then measure and lin, build the neutral curves, and then ship.

MK ink in our printers last night. So today is rev-up with both Matte and Gloss profiling.


Hi Mark,

We’ve been quite busy making 300 Piezography Pro curves this week, as well as bottling the new UltraHD™ MK. All the inks will be in place by early next week at the warehouse. The Glossy only ships first followed by gloss/matte and matte which both ship simultaneously.

just posted a snip last night!

it’s happening…

thanks for your inspiration and patience!

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Update to this thread, all curves are now available here:

9890 and 9900 k4 curves are coming later (we ran out of paper for printing targets).