Another Newbie Question

I am just getting started with the PiezoDN system which I plan to use for modifying the existing Methodology 3 curves, specifically for carbon printing. My question currently applies to the first menu of the PrintTool dialogue box. According to the written instructions, I am to select Application Managed, Perceptual Intent, and the ICC profile that I intend to print with from the drop down menu. None of the modified Methodology 3 profiles show up under this menu. The only options that I can find are a default Pt/Pd curve, and three specific Pt curves for the 3880. The PiezoDN Methodology 3 curves do show up under the QTR menu in the print section of PrintTool. My question is: Which of the profiles do I start with in the first PrintTool dialogue? or, do I select the NoColorManagement option, and then select the specific Methodology 3 profile at the QuadToneRIP drop down in the second (print) menu of PrintTool?

Thank you, Gary Baker

Shane is right. You need to use one of the converted Meth3 curves found in >Piezography>Curves>PZDN_to_PiezoDN

Copy and past the correct Meth3 curve (for your classic PZDN inkset) into the correct curve folder and double click the installer command.

To modify (any) curves with PiezoDN you must print with that curve but without color management. Using and/or building ICC profiles happens after a curve has been linearized.

It’s useful to read through all of the steps of the PiezoDN process to see the sequence of events and get context on it all.



I wonder if maybe you are confusing Curves and Profiles. Unless and until you have made custom ones, there are no ICCs for PZDN-to-PiezoDN. (ICCs are the only thing that should be called Profiles.) So, yes, you should be using the No Color Management option. Once the PZDN-to-PiezoDN curves have been installed, you will find the them on the next window after you click Print. They will be in the usual QTR location.

Looking in the Piezography/Curves/PZDN_to_PiezoDN/x800-x880 folder, though, I don’t see an installer. So my guess is that you need to copy the install command for your printer to that folder and then run it.

Note that using ICCs is an option. It is not required.

I think (although I’m still new at this too) if you put the Meth 3 curve you want to use in the folder which contains the curves you see in the menu then reinstall the curves you should see them. You won’t see them if you just put them in the folder.