After Linearization, I am missing QTR when trying to print...


I have just, seeming successfully, complete the linearization of my second paper. But when I tried to test print with it, I found that my drop down in set-up is missing the QTR option.

Darrell[attachment file=28148]

I tested this with multiple images including one of the Target Images that I used for linearization (Piezography-51step-i1Pro.tif). Still, I wasn’t able to select QTR.

I also tried to reinstall QTR. That isn’t working either. I’m a bit leery of reinstalling Piezography-Pro. I would hate to lose my newly linearized curves.

Can anyone lead me down a path of resolution?



Your curve most likely has too many characters in it (max of 32 chars required).


Re-name the curve and follow these instructions to re-install:





Thank you Walker. That did the trick.

I have a tendency to be overly descriptive with my file names without being too cryptic. I ended up with 30 characters without the “.quad”. For future reference, does 32 include the extension?



32 chars grand total, yes.