Adding a 24" printer...?

My 3880 Piezo DN system is working beautifully, but of course I’d like to go a little larger. I’d almost rather bite the bullet on a new P7000 than try to source a used 7900. I’ve read that it’s usable if you don’t update the firmware. I’m a little worried that a new unit might already have firmware that makes Piezo system incompatible. Thoughts?


Recent prints from a digi neg in cyanotype and platinum/palladium

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Those are beautiful prints!

If you are hedging on the 7900 side I suggest giving us a call and getting a set of our universal 700mL carts and a set of chips with your ink. These carts are compatible with the SC-P printers so if you needed to move to the SC-P series you could keep your carts/ink intact and just move them over with new chips. We don’t officially sell the 700mL cart as a single item online at the moment but if you are getting a full stack we certainly would sell you them so that your carts are future-proof.