Acronym Confusion PiezoDN vs Piezo DN p2


I need to do some re-mapping, so want to make sure I don’t waste time using the wrong curves. I don’t know if I should be using the folder for PiezoDN or Piezo DN P2. My K6 ink set has the new HD inks. It is a selenium set, not a pro set. Thanks for you help.


P2 configurations put the PK in the Yellow channel. If your PK is in the Yellow channel, use the P2 curves. If your PK is in the PK channel, use the normal (non-P2) curves.






Related to the question I also posed on the main forum: Are there K6-HD master curves for P2 ink configuration for PiezoDN? I found and installed everything for normal printing, but not for PiezoDN. Have I missed something or do I need to remap this myself? If the latter, is it correct to zero out the K position and use the HD-Pro K from the beta-driver PiezoDN-Master in the Y (PK) position?

Sorry for the cross post. I think someone else here might find the answer to this to be useful.


The normal PiezoDNP2 curves will work with both the old WN1 ink as well as the PK-HD ink.